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    • The Profound Culture of Tea in China

      Tea, originally a kind of tree in south of China, is the contribution of ancient people in China south to Chinese cuisine culture and also the contribution of Chinese people to global cuisine culture. As a famous healthy drink, tea shares the name of three non-alcoholic beverages with cocoa and coffee, and is the top one of these three drinks.
    • Xihu Longjing Tea - A Distinguishing Kind among Chinese Tea

      In fresh April in Hangzhou, follow the tea fragrant, choose a right farmyard teahouse, have an cup of authentic West Lake Dragon Well Tea but not to mind a palatable peasant family’s meal, and enjoy a real ceremony of tea art, is no doubt the fashionable relax in the season, as well as a freshest travel means today.
    • How to Start Eating Healthy

      Is losing weight, getting fit,healthy or boosting your immune system important to you? Well having a solid, clean diet is the first and most important step in making that happen!
    • How to Pair Tea and Food

      Tea is known to enhance and bring out the aroma and subtle flavors of many types of food. But, just like wine, you also need to learn which tea can actually complement the taste of certain foods.