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    • Famous Black Teas Production Areas in China

      If you want to get comprehensive knowledge about Chinese Black Tea, you need to know its production areas at first. Here is a brief introduction about the 14 production areas.
    • Learn more about Lapsang souchong

      Souchong tea is regarded as the first black tea in the world. It has been invented in the early stage of 17th century in Tong mu village(Chinese :桐木关), Fujian province. Lapsang souchong (正山小种)is rarely available outside China.
    • The Introduction of Old Tie Guan Yin

      As one of the three common types of Tie Guan Yin tea, The Old Tie Guan Yin has lots of funs both for its scarcity and health benefits.
    • Main Steps of Making Tan Yang Gong Fu

      Tan Yang Gong Fu tea, one of the representative black tea comes from Fu’an, is famous for its good shape and wonderful taste brought by good growing environment and exquisite producing methods.
    • Biodiversity of Tea Forests in Bulang, Yunnan

      By planting timber trees such as albizzia, cassias, alder and camphor in tea garden, the traditional Bulang people find a way to harmonize the relation between economy benefits and sustainable development of tea production.
    • About Bi Luo Chun Green Tea

    • Superfine Pre-Ming -Dragon Well Long Jing- Green tea

      Longjing Tea, also known as West Lake Longjing, is a China Famous Tea – in fact, unquestionably, the most famous one – grown originally in the Longjing mountain area of Hangzhou, southwest of the West Lake. Longjing teas can be classified into West Lake Longjing Tea, Qiantang Longjing tea, Yuezhou Longjing tea, according to their producing areas. Among them, West Lake longing tea has attracted most attention of people worldwide, regarded as the Rolls Royce of the Long Jing varieties. Historically, Westlake Longjing producing area was divided into four sub-regions: 狮 (Lion Peak Mountain), 龙 (Longjing village), 云 (Yunqi), 虎 (Tiger Spring), 梅 (Meijiawu). However, the teas which are picked before the Qing Ming Festival, which called as Pre-ming Longjing, because of its limited output, it is the most precious kind among all.
    • Mingqian Spring Tea

      Mingqian tea refers in peculiar to teas harvested before Qingming festival in Jiangnan region of China. Mingqian tea are famous for its high-quality, beautiful green tea leaves and tender buds less affected with pests.
    • Shifeng Mountain – the Cradle of Famous Longjing Tea.

      Early spring, on 25 March, we teavivre.com arrived at Hangzhou and paid a visit to splendid Shifeng mountain which is famous for being permeated in perfume of fresh tea leaves all year round.
    • She Qian Tea, Ming Qian Tea, and Yu Qian Tea

      Starting from ancient times, the Chinese agriculture is traditionally guided by the solar terms. So is the tea industry. Based on the solar terms, we can divide spring teas into three types: She Qian, Ming Qian and Yu Qian.