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    How Tea is Made

    Tea Info

    • How to make Lapsang souchong

      This article gives a brief introduction of traditional processing procedures of Lapsang Souchong black tea.
    • Manual Making Method of Tai Ping Hou Kui Green Tea

      Manual Making Method of Tai Ping Hou KuiThe unique flavor of Nonpareil Tai Ping Hou Kui is inseparable from its particular traditional making method. The method has five procedures: picking, extracting, spreading, fixation, drying.

    • Black Tea Introduction Part 2 – The Making Process

      Black tea is the fully fermented sort. It is well-known around the world. Featured as red liquid and red leaf, black tea has mellow flavor. High grade black tea often carries fruity and flower fragrance. Regular drinking is good to your health. There are history records saying that the origin place of black tea is in China. By the time China open its gate to the world, black tea began to be known by the world.
    • Craft of Making Flowering Tea (Blooming Tea)

      Flowering teas, or sometimes called “blooming teas”, are a combination of tea leaves and various types of flowers such as Globe Amaranth, Marigold, Lily and Jasmine, skillfully tied together into bundles that are painstakingly designed to unfurl into beautiful, artful shapes when brewed. Given this, they should be brewed directly in a tall clear glass or glass teapot, so you can enjoy both the taste and the artistic display.
    • Making Process of Tie Guan Yin Oolong Tea

      Tie guan yin is a type of Oolong tea , and this tea is semi-fermented. Making oolong tea is complicated, and takes a lot of skill. It retains green tea’s sweet and fragrant smell, while and it also reminds you of black tea’s strong fragrance and mellow flavors.
    • How to process green tea

      Green tea is the least processed among the six types of Chinese tea. It undergoes the least amount of oxidation. The shorter processing gives green tea a lighter flavor than black tea. Also result in the high catechins content, which is why green tea is so good for you. It mainly has the three steps: Steamed or Pan Fied – Rolling (Rounian) – Drying
    • Pu-erh Cake Tea process

      Nowadays Pu-erh tea is more and more popular both in China and Western Countries. Many people are interested in the process of both loose Pu-erh and Compressed Pu-erh. In this article we will show the steps of pu-erh cake process to all tea enthusiasts.