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    Choose Best Oolong tea---Tie Guan Yin Tea

    Tie Guan Yin is the most famous Chinese tea which is the tastiest and rare tea in the world.  The term Tie Guan Yin means “Iron Goddess of Mercy” and sometimes referred as Iron Goddess Tea.  This famous tea belongs to Oolong Tea family.  Tie Guan Yin was produced for the very first time in Fujian, Anxi.  Inspired by the taste, Taiwan also started growing it but Anxi’s Tie Guan Yin is still the most famous one all over the world.

    The bad thing about Iron Goddess Tea is that it is very rare.  The reason is the rare and weak tree of the tea. It is often said “Good drink, bad plant”.  This phrase clearly tells the story about the rareness of Iron Goddess.  The leaves of this tea are jade green and fresh.

    Tie Guan Yin Tea Tree

    The best quality leaves are heavy and stiff and very much look like dragonfly in shape.  The golden liquor of Iron Goddess is the richest in taste and its sweetest smell doesn’t go away even after brewed sever times.  It’s awesomely richest taste and long lasting orchid smell is the characteristic of the best quality oolong tea – tie guan yin.

    Best tie guan yin teaAnxi Tie guan yinbest Tie guan yin liquor

    Tie Guan Yin is often called “Beauty Tea” as it helps in reducing fats and it also assist in digesting food. It is available at hundreds of shops but question arise how to find the best quality oolong tea – Iron Goddess?  Here are few guidelines which will help you in finding the best quality oolong tea – tie guan yin:


    Well generally it’s not quite difficult to distinguish the best quality oolong tea – tie guan yin and a fake or bad oolong tea especially for the person who is well aware of the taste and shape of tie guan yin.  Good quality leaves are fresh, jade green, oil surfaced, stiff and healthy.  This green and red combination gives the liquor golden or orange color.

    different grade tie guan yin


    When you put the best quality oolong tea – tie guan yin into the pot, due to heaviness of leaves you can clearly hear the crispy voice of leaves which sounds like “dang bang”.


    Tie guan yin smell is the best thing that really distinguishes it from any other tea.  The best quality oolong tea – tie guan yin has a strong smell which still remains fresh even after it is brewed 7 times.  This smell is like the orchid which remains for a longer time than any other tea.


    Brewed tie guan yin tastes mellow, sweet, fresh aftertaste and smells like some orchid flower if it’s the best quality Oolong tea – tie guan yin.  The liquor color of good tie guan yin is golden, rich and very clear and on brewing the leaves becomes soft but still remain bright like oily surface which is called “satin surface”.  While the low quality tea is have different smell and a bit bitter and thin taste.  The liquor color is red or dark brown type which is due to inferior quality sick leaves and smells smoky.

    Bottom of Leaf:

    While buying the tea, see the leaves of the tea.  Best quality tie guan yin leaf is shiny and clean.  The health can be felt from its thickness and the leaf will be complete and flat.  At the bottom of leaf you can see the red edges and veins of the leaf very clearly.

    different bottom of leaf

    Keeping these few guidelines in mind, you will never miss the best quality Iron Goddess so you may taste the richest taste of the tea in the world but for that you must know as well that how to brew Tie Guan yin.  Know it and invite your friends to have the sips of sweetest tea with great sweetest smell.

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