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    Dreamland – Yunnan, Fengqing (Part 2)

    After visited the wild ancient tea garden yesterday, (Dreamland – Yunnan, Fengqing (Part 1)), we were continue going to see the 3200-year-old Jin Xiu Cha Wang Ancient Tree (the king of ancient tea tree) which is located at Xiangzhujing village, Xiaowan Town and the Li Da tea garden which is located at Lida Village, Mengyou Town, Fengqing.

    Started from Fengqing count, after about 2 hours driving, we reached Xiangzhujing village, Xiaowan Town and enjoyed the majestic of Jin Xiu Cha Wang Ancient Tree (锦绣茶王).

    3210-year-old ancient tea tree in Fengqing

    Close-up of the roots, full of vitality.

    We could see the protection card vaguely.

    Protection Card of Ancient Tea Tree

    ID: 00001
    Species: Theaceae, Camellia, Camellia taliensis
    Height: 10.6m, tree crown: 11.5m, perimeter: 5.84m
    Age: Over 3200 years old

    Bid farewell to the Jin Xiu Cha Wang Ancient Tree, we continued our way to the Li Da Tea Garden.

    Met the sea of clouds again.

    From Mengyou Town, we got into the dirt road to the mountain area. With the heavy rain at that time, the road was rather muddy and bumpy.

    After one hour driving on the bumpy dirt road, we finally arrived at our destination – Lida Tea Garden.

    The total area of Li Da Tea Garden is 688 acres (6,000 mu) and it is 2,000 meters above sea level. The soil here is fertile and rich in vegetation. No pollution source can be found within 80 km range around the tea garden, and the quality of water is good with the PH value between 4.5 to 5.5.

    The age of most of the tea trees is over 60 or 70 years old.

    Old tea trees over 200 years age.

    There’re only a small number of tea trees sprouting, so the large-scale picking has not yet begun. But we still tried to feel the joy of harvest.

    After two hours picking, we only managed to collect a few tea leaves.

    The fresh tea leaves have a special refreshing and brisk smell.

    (Angel Chen)

    Distant mountains are submerged in the sea of clouds.

    The clouds and mist flowed along the hillside, as if they were poured from the sky.

    At dusk, we set foot on the return journey.

    Goodbye, Fengqing, goodbye, Yunnan.

    Water is boiling; let’s well enjoy the Yun Nan Dian Hong Black Tea from Li Da Tea Garden.

    Yun Nan Dian Hong Black Tea – Golden Tip

    Yun Nan Dian Hong Black Tea Full-leaf

    Yunnan Gongfu Fragrant Black Tea

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