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    Bailin Gongfu Black Tea – An Overview

    Bailin Gongfu Black Tea is one of the three famous Fujian Gonfu Teas.  Fujian is famous for its three Gongfu Teas which are Tanyang Gongfu, Zhenghe Gongfu and Bailin Gongfu.  Bailin Gongfu is different from other two for its rich taste and extra thick liquor.  Actually Bailin Gongfu popularity is also for its process unique and special brewing method.

    Origin and History

    It is named after its place of origin. Chinese city Bailin started producing this Gonfu Tea in the era of 1875 to 1908 i.e. during the reign of Guangxu.  A proper tea factory was founded in a town of Bailin at that time though Bailin was already famous for producing top quality tea.  Then Bailin Gongfu was introduced to the world and it was started to export in Southwest Asia and Europe.

    Map of Fujian province

    Production Process of Bailin Gongfu Black Tea

    Bailin Gongfu is produced by the leaves very carefully plucked in time.  For best quality Bailin Gongfu Black tea, leaves should be collected when these are very young and fresh.  It gives this tea the very refreshing taste and color.  But if mature leaves will be collected to make tea, it won’t be of that quality and the taste won’t be so rich and the color won’t be so bright.  That’s why a special care is taken while picking the leaves for the production of this tea.

    tea treebailin gongfu black tea

    Brewing Bailin Gongfu Black Tea

    bailin gongfu

    The actual brewing method i.e. traditional Chinese method of brewing this black tea is unique and quite complicated. But it is the fact that real taste of Bailin Gongfu Black tea comes out just by its original brewing method.  But if you want to brew it in Western Style then it’s quite simple. Just put 1-2 teaspoons into 8oz water. Then brew it at 85 ºC for 2 to 3 minutes.  You may increase this time according to your taste and mood. For more information please checkout Teavire’s article on how to brew bailin gongfu.

    Taste of Bailin Gongfu Black Tea

    The taste of Bailin Gongfu is awesome which is rich and refreshing.  The brewed tea liquor is thick, bright in color and full of aroma which is mind refreshing.  A good amount of pekoe in the tea causes an awesome fragrance which is the main specialty of Bailin Gongfu Black Tea.

    Storing Bailin Gongfu Tea

    It is easy to store as compared to green teas.  Just choose some air-tight and dark container which must be free from any sort of smell or fragrance.  Keep the box in low temperature but keeping in refrigerator is not required at all.  Use the stored tea as soon as possible to avoid the loss of its taste and aroma.

    Health Benefits

    It contains more caffeine than other tea which eliminates laziness and refreshes you.  Its taste is stronger than others.  The presence of antioxidants helps in reducing the threat of certain cancers.  The best thing about Bailin Gongfu is that it reduces the aging effect and it makes your heart stronger. So Bailin Gongfu black tea is the good of taste, fragrance and health.

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