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    The History of the Chinese Traditional Ceremony Gongfu Tea- Long Pot

    What’s the Long Pot?

    The long pot, a traditional chinese featured teapot, is named by the long lenth of its spout, aslo called long spout copper pot, long spout pot, long stream pot and so on. Most of them are made of copper.

    Long Pot CeremonyLong Pot Ceremony

    To see is to believe. Teavire is lucky to watch a long pot art performance in Chengdu Pujiang Tea House. The performer is long-term trained.

    The History of Long Pot

    Long pot ceremony

    Long pot in northeast China was firstly used for drinking alcohol instead of water. Due to the cold weather, people often gathered together around a bonfire and drank wine for warm. When pouring liquor for a person two seats or more away from you, it was more convenient to use a long spout pot as there was no need to stand up or to step aside for making space to pour liquor.

    Another story is about boat trackers in Bashu (now is Sichuan and Chongqing). In this area boat trackers burdened heavy work. They liked to have alcohols for refreshing and fun during break. Those trackers were close with each other in harmonious relationships. They loved to share wine with boats nearby. As people had to stay on their boat for security, yet the space between boat and boat was too large to pass their wine pot, someone clever then drilled through the joint inside the bamboo, made a bamboo spout for their pot that is long enough to pour liquor for fellows on another boat.

    Types of Long Pot

    Based on the length of spout, tea pot can be divided into three types: short spout pot, medium spout pot, long spout pot.
    Short spout pot: teapots with short length spout. Distance between the water outlet and the body is 10 cm (San Cun 三寸).
    Medium spout pot: teapots with medium length spout. Distance between the water outlet and the body ranges from 10 cm (San Cun 三寸) to 66 cm (Er Chi 二尺) .
    Long spout pot: teapots with long length spout. Distance between the water outlet and the body is over 66 cm (Er Chi 二尺). The long pot we see is usually with a spout about 66 cm (San Chi 三尺).
    Long Pot CeremonyLong Pot Ceremony

    Long Pot Tea Arts

    Tea culture has being more popular nowadays. As a part of chinese tea culture and tea ceremony, the performance of long teapot art is loved by the masses. It is practical and highly ornamental. Hot water cools down naturally when flowing through the long spout, and reaches to the temperature suitable for brewing Gaiwan.

    Long Pot CeremonyLong Pot Ceremony

    However, the natural and smooth show requires the performer's earnest study, hard working and frequently practice as an apprentice. The performers need to endure the heating water, remember varieties of pouring gestures, be capable of strong arm and wrist, all need years of training. Thus they could stand alone on the stage, which in chinese is called "Chu shi" (finishing one's apprenticeship).

    Long Pot CeremonyLong Pot Ceremony

    Advantages of Long Spout Pot

    At first the long spout is created for making more convenience for pouring tea, then it developed to become featured service of some restaurants. And now it has been advanced to be a art performed on the stage. Long pot has many advantages. As we know, to brew green tea the water should not be too hot. Copper is able to transfer heat very fast. Even we pour hot water into copper pot, it will cool down when running out from the long spout. Besides, as the spout is narrow enough to give the water pressure, the small stream can push tea leaves to roll freely in the tea bowl. Therefore the green tea will taste richer with better aroma when using long pot to brew.

    4 comments to The History of the Chinese Traditional Ceremony Gongfu Tea- Long Pot

    • Lou Berkley :


      Thank You very much for the informative and beautiful website! (AND your excellent products!)

    • Natwara :


      Where can I find more information about it? It's really interesting but I can find any books writing in deep about. Can you recommend me? [Especially interested in Origin >>History]

    • TeaVivre response:


      Hello, we can find some Chinese books about these, but can not find the English one. This content of this is translated by ourselves....

    • Alan Morais :


      Where can I buy one of these long spout teapots? Is that in some market for sale o not?

    • TeaVivre response:


      Hello Alan Morais. There are merchants selling this kind of Long Pot in China, but as the Long Pot is mainly used for tea ceremony and is rare. So it is very expensive, may cost hundred dollars. If you are interested in tea ceremony, you can start with other gongfu tea wares, such as gaiwan and Yixing teapot. They would be much easier to learn, and more suitable for personal use.

    • Don Hadwin :


      Where can I buy one of these long spout teapots?

    • TeaVivre response:


      Sorry, we do not offer this product. These long spout teapots are only for histrionics.

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