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    How to Choose Bailin Gongfu Black Tea?

    Bailin Gongfu is one of the 3 most famous black teas of China. It is named after its production place i.e. Bailin, Fuding in China. Due to its excellent quality and amazing taste, Bailin Gongfu is liked not just in China but all over the world.

    Bailin Gongfu is rich of Pekoes which ensures top quality. The dried leaves are yellowish black which gives the liquor red orange color and that’s why it is called “Red Orange”. Brewed tea is clear, rich red orange colored with awesome sweet Pekoe flavor. Lots of pekoe give the tea an amazingly sweet Pekoe aroma. These qualities make the Bailin Gongfu one of the best teas in the world and that’s why there’s a great demand of this tea in the world. To get the real taste of Bailin Gongfu, it must be brewed in its original way which extracts the real taste of the tea. Its unique method of brewing is another reason for its popularity in the world among the tea lovers. But for the optimum taste, the tea must be of top quality. Now the question arise that how to choose Bailin Gongfu tea which is best in quality?

    the different dry tea

    Here are some guidelines which may help you in choosing the best quality Bailin Gongfu when you are out in the market to buy your favorite black tea:

    The very first thing that you have to notice while buying Bailin Gongfu tea is the appearance which will tell a good part of story about the quality of the tea you are going to buy. Good quality Bailin Gongfu has the tight but thin leaves with golden tips which are quite obvious at the first glance. But if you find the surface of the leaves is coarse and the leaves are slack then it’s the clear indication that tea is of some bad quality. So better move further to find somewhere else the best quality Bailin Gongfu tea.

    Grade A

    Grade B

    The premium quality Bailin Gongfu has a reddish brown leaves while the inferior quality tea leaves are darker i.e. quite dark brown color.

    Grade A

    Grade B

    The liquor of the best quality Bailin Gongfu will be bright, clear and radiant red colored. And like Oolong tea, best quality Bailin Gonfu can be brewed several times. On the other hand, the inferior quality Bailin Gongfu liquor will look like muddy and dark.

    two liquor

    Taste is the ultimate filter that can easily distinguish that which is the best quality Bailin Gongfu and which one of low quality. Premium quality will have mellow taste and liquor will be thick with an awesome fragrance while low quality will definitely have the bitterness in taste.

    Even after brewing, premium quality leaves will be bright, soft and heavy looking while low quality leaves will be dark green and lifeless.

    tea leavestea brewed leaves

    Now keeping in mind these few points mentioned, you will definitely buy the best quality Bailin Gongfu tea whenever you will go for shopping. Just by the premium quality Bailin Gongfu to have the ultimate taste after brewing it.

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