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    How To Make The Packing Paper of Pu-Erh Cakes ?

    It was far back in Song Dynasty that paper was invented by our smart ancestors. With this great invention, Chinese can develop and stand for over five thousands of years. Yet in this advancing modern society, the manual method of papermaking has been replaced by paper industry. Ancient traditions of papermaking are gradually being forgotten by the people.

    puerh cake packing paper

    However, even in modern days, the packing paper of Pu-erh cake is still made in pure manual method.
    In Xishuangbanna, China, there grows a special plant called as Ma San (马三) by the local people. People use its bark to make the packing paper. After cutting enough barks from the trunk, they will dry the barks under sunlight. Then boil the dried barks for two to three hours so that the barks could be easily mashed into pulp. After the paper pulps are made into packing paper, the workers will print the tea’s name and brand logo on it. Then the paper can be used to pack the Pu-erh cakes.

    puerh cake packing paper

    The Pu-erh packing paper made of Ma San barks has four advantages. Firstly, the material is pliable and tough, has stronger resistance of tension than other tissue paper. Secondly, the paper maintains a woody aroma, which can restrain for a long time. Thirdly, the paper has high air permeability.

    Making of The Ma San Paper

    Pour paper pulp in a pool full of clean water and keep stirring.

    puerh cake packing paper

    Place a net in the water. Make paper pulps covering on the surface.

    puerh cake packing paper

    Sun drying.

    puerh cake packing paper

    Remove the paper from the net.

    puerh cake packing paper

    Bundle up the papers.

    puerh cake packing paper

    The finished Pu-erh packing paper.

    puerh cake packing paper

    Packing the Pu-erh cakes in tissue paper may look old-fashioned or insecure. But experienced pu-erh drinkers know that this is better than other paper package, or plastic package. Tissue paper does great help for the cake’s aging and storage.

    5 comments to How To Make The Packing Paper of Pu-Erh Cakes ?

    • David :


      Thank you. I had no idea that the puerh wrappers were hand-made paper. I will start saving more of them.

    • Chef Wylie :


      Such a fantastic site. Thanks for your wonderful site and maps of tea growing regions. Will be traveling to China in a few months and visiting some of the tea growing regions.

    • TeaVivre response:


      Welcome to China. Hope you enjoy yourself during your trip.

    • A.F. :


      Nobody sells Pu-Erh Paper.

      I have Cakes that need New Paper.

      Where do I Buy Paper;


      Buy Bags to seal Pu-Erh / Tea ?

    • TeaVivre response:


      Sorry that we do not sell the Pu-Erh Paper and also do not know where you can buy from your country. But you can use kraft paper, clean cotton cloth or other soft paper to wrap your cakes.

    • Doodledaddy :


      Very fascinating! Being a man who loves to make things by hand as a hobby, I can fully appreciate the value of the extra time and effort it takes to make things, such as this paper, the "old fashioned way," by hand. I have always wanted to try making paper in this fashion, trying different materials, and use this handmade paper for various other crafts. Keep bringing these interesting articles of information, as I love learning new things!

    • john welch :


      Thank you for educating us about the Ma San wrap-
      ping paper. We love the puerh wrappers and keep all we accumulate.

    • TeaVivre response:


      You're welcome. It's our pleasure that you like it.

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