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    Tangerine Puerh tea, a Long-distance relationship

    Planted in Guangdong, tangerine is famous for its unique pungent and bitter taste and healthy benefits and the Yunnan puerh has a long history of been one of the favorite teas in China, when people made these two into a new tea, people love it and willing to give it a try.

    Tangerine peel- strengthens spleen and stomach

    Tangering Peel is the sun-dried peel of tangerine. Chinese Pharmaceutical Studies verified that it is loaded with essential oil, Hesperidin and vitamin B, C etc. The tangerine can help remove spleen-stomach qi and mildly increase the secretion of gastric juices in our gastrointestinal tract, help with digestion. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, doctors also add tangerine peel in medicine to cure cough, sore throat and stomach discomfort. And the aged tangerine peel works better than the new dried tangerine peel. Moreover, we can add tangerine peels in many dishes. Click here to know more dishes with tangerine.

    Puerh tea – help digestion

    Puerh tea has been known for its multiple health benefits for a long time. Puerh tea can help our digestive system and lower the cholesterol & blood pressure.
    After eating too much greasy food at lunch or dinner, people, especially females would worry about their weight. Drink puerh tea can help increase the speed of digestion and accelerate the movement of fat from the stomach to the colon, therefore our body won’t have enough time to absorb the fat in food. Also long-term drinking puerh tea can help decrease the level of cholesterol and triglyceride.

    Making process of Tangerine Puerh Tea

    Wash and clean the fresh tangerine and cut around at the top of the tangerine with a small knife. Dig out the pulp of fruit thoroughly, then fill the loose puerh tea leaves immediately. After fill the tangerine, put the whole tangerine into the oven to dry or bake it. In the process, the dry tea leaves absorb the special flavor from tangerine peel, and both materials work together and formed a unique taste of tangerine puerh tea.

    In sum, tangerine puerh tea combined the advantages of both tangerine peel and ripened puerh tea. It is warm nature, with brisk fragrance of tangerine, and the mellow taste of pu-erh. It’s suitable for different kinds of people.

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