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Tea Name Lists

There may be some confusing to tea beginners about the names of various teas.  Sometimes a tea maybe have different names on different websites.  For example, Iron Goddess of Mercy Oolong Tea is also being called Tie Guan Yin or Ti Kuan Yin.

Here Teavivre compiling a list of the tea names to share with every tea enthusiast.  You will no longer worry about the tea names by using this lists. If there’s any tea missing, welcome to list by writing a comment at the bottom of the article.  I am glad to improve this list by further searching and all of you tea enthusiasts’ suggestions.

How is Tea Classified

Tea Categories
English NamePinyinSimplified ChineseTraditional ChineseOrigin Place
Black TeaHong Cha红茶紅茶Anhui, Fujian, Yunnan, Guangdong
Green TeaLv Cha绿茶綠茶Anhui, Zhejiang, Sichuan, Fujian, Guangxi
Oolong TeaWu Long Cha乌龙茶烏龍茶Fujian, Taiwan
Pu-Erh Tea
Dark Tea
Pu er Cha
Hei Cha
Yunnan, China
White TeaBai Cha白茶白茶Fujian, Zhejiang, Guizhou, China
Yellow TeaHuang Cha黄茶黃茶Anhui, Hubei, China
Flower Tea
Blooming Tea
Gong Yi Cha工艺茶工藝茶Fujian, China

About Tea Name List

Tea Name lists
CategoryEnglish NamePinyinAlternate SpellingsSimplified ChineseTraditional ChineseOrigin Place
Black TeaBai Lin Gong FuBai Lin Gong FuBai Lin Kung Fu白琳工夫 Fu Jian, China
Dian HongDian Hong 滇红Yun Nan, China
Golden MonkeyJin Mao Hou 金毛猴金毛猴Fujian, China
Golden Steed EyebrowJin Jun Mei 金骏眉 Fu Jian, China
KeemunQi Men 祁门红茶祁門紅茶An Hui, China
Lapsang SouchongZheng Shan Xiao Zhong 正山小种正山小種Fu Jian, China
 Li Zhi Hong 荔枝红荔枝紅Fu Jian, China
Silver Steed EyebrowYin Jun Mei 银骏眉 Fu Jian, China
Tan Yang Gong FuTan Yang Gong Fu 坦洋工夫 Fu Jian, China
Ying De HongYing De Hong 英德红英徳紅Guang Dong, China
Zheng He Gong FuZheng He Gong FuZheng He Kung Fu政和工夫 Fu Jian, China
Green TeaChun MeeZhen Mei 珍眉 Jiang Xi, China
Cloud and MistLu Shan Yun Wu 庐山云雾廬山雲霧Jiang Xi, China
Dragon MountainKai Hua Long Ding 开化龙顶開化龍頂Zhe Jiang, China
Dragon WellLong JingLung Ching龙井龍井Hang Zhou, China
Gou Gu Nao TeaGou Gu Nao Cha 狗牯脑茶狗牯腦茶Jiang Xi, China
Green Bamboo LeafZhu Ye Qing 竹叶青竹葉青Si Chuan, China
Green PeonyLv Mu Dan 绿牡丹綠牡丹An Hui, China
Green Snail SpringBi Luo ChunPi Lo Chun碧螺春 Jiang Shu, China
Green TipXin Yang Mao Jian 信阳毛尖信陽毛尖He Nan, China
Gunpowder TeaZhu Cha 珠茶 Fu Jian, China
Jasmine Dragon PearMo Li Long Zhu 茉莉龙珠茉莉龍珠Fu Jian, China
Jasime TeaMo Li Hua Cha 茉莉花茶 Fu Jian, China
Jing Ting Lv XueJing Ting Lv Xue 敬亭绿雪敬亭綠雪An Hui, China
Lao Zhu Da FanLao Zhu Da Fang 老竹大方 An Hui, China
Lian Xin Green TeaLian Xin Lv Cha 莲心绿茶蓮心綠茶Fu Jian, China
Liu An Melon SeedLiu An Gua Pian 六安瓜片 An Hui, China
Mei Jian Yin HaoMei Jian Yin Hao 梅尖银毫梅尖銀毫Guang Dong, China
Monkey KingTai Ping Hou Kui 太平猴魁 An Hui, China
Mount Meng Sweet DewMeng Ding Gan Lu 蒙顶甘露蒙頂甘露Si Chuan, China
Shu Cheng Lan HuaShu Cheng Lan Hua 舒城兰花舒城蘭花An Hui, China
Tian Shan Green TeaTian Shan Lv Cha 天山绿茶天山綠茶Fu Jian, China
Xiu Ning Song LuoXiu Ning Song Luo 休宁松萝休寧松蘿An Hui, China
Yellow Mountain Fur PeakHuang Shan Mao Feng 黄山毛峰黃山毛峰An Hui, China
Yong Xi Huo QingYong Xi Huo Qing 涌溪火青湧溪火青An Hui, China
Oolong TeaAlishan oolongA Li Shan Cha 阿里山茶阿裏山茶Tai Wan
 Bai Ya Qi Lan 白芽奇兰白芽奇蘭Fu Jian, China
Big Red RobeDa Hong Pao 大红袍大紅袍Fu Jian, China
CinnamonRou Gui 肉桂 Fu Jian, China
Frozen SummitDong DingTung Ting冻顶凍頂Tai Wan
Golden CassiaHuang Jin Gui 黄金桂黃金桂Fu Jian, China
Ginseng Oolong
Lan Gui Ren
Ren Shen Wu Long
Lan Gui Ren
Tai Wan
Golden Marine TurtleShui Jin Gui 水金龟水金龜Fu Jian, China
Iron Goddess of MercyTie Guan YinTi Kwan Yin铁观音鐵觀音Fu Jian, China
Iron Monk ArhatTie Luo Han 铁罗汉鉄羅漢Fu Jian, China
Jin Xuan Milk Oolong TeaNai Xiang Jin Xuan 奶香金萱 Tai Wan
Lishan oolongLi Shan 梨山 Tai Wan
Oriental Beauty (Bai Hao Oolong)Dong Fang Mei Ren Cha 东方美人茶東方美人茶Tai Wan
PouchongBao Zhong 包种茶包種茶Tai Wan
Single BushFeng Huang Dan Cong 凤凰单枞鳳凰單縱Guang Dong, China
 Yong Chun Fo Shou 永春佛手永春佛手Fu Jian, China
Water FairyShui Xian 水仙 Fu Jian, China
Taiwan Li Shan Oolong TeaTaiwan Li Shan Wu Long 台湾梨山乌龙茶臺灣梨山烏龍茶Taiwan
Taiwan DaYuLing Oolong TeaTaiwan DaYuLing Wu Long 台湾大禹岭乌龙茶臺灣大禹嶺烏龍茶Taiwan
White Cockscomb/ White RoosterBai Ji Guan 白鸡冠白雞冠Fu Jian, China
White TeaLongevity EyebrowShou Mei 寿眉壽眉Fu Jian, China
Jasmine Silver NeedleMo Li Yin Zhen 茉莉银针茉莉銀針Fu Jian, China
Silver NeedleBai Hao Yin Zhen 白毫银针白毫銀針Fu Jian, China
White PeonyBai Mu DanPai Mu Tan白牡丹 Fu Jian, China
White Monkey PawBai Mao Hou 白毛猴 Fu Jian, China
Tribute EyebrowGong Mei 贡眉貢眉Fu Jian, China
Yellow Tea Huo Shan Huang Ya 霍山黄芽癨山黃芽An Hui, China
 Guang Dong Da Ye Qing 广东大叶青廣東大葉青Guang Dong, China
 Jun Shan Yin Zhen 君山银针君山銀針Hu Nan, China
 Meng Ding Huang Ya 蒙顶黄芽蒙頂黃芽Si Chuan, China
Pu-erh TeaPu-erh Loose LeafPu er San Cha 普洱散茶 Yun Nan, China
Pu-erh CakeBing Cha 饼茶餅茶Yun Nan, China
Pu-erh BowlTuo Cha 沱茶 Yun Nan, China
Pu-erh BrickZhuan Cha 砖茶磚茶Yun Nan, China

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9 comments to Tea Name Lists

  • M.Awais :



    hope you will be fine,
    sir we are going to launch tea in market so we are searching for an attractive name of tea so please suggest us and give us a new name of tea..

    with thanks

  • Sergio :


    Do you have any information about Jiaogulan tea? thanks.

  • TeaVivre response:


    Thank you for your inquiry, we are sorry to tell you that we have little knowledge about Jiaogulan tea. This plant is usually treated as a kind of Chinese herbal medicine, which is very valuable here and has great value in medical and health care.

    For more information about Gynostemma pentaphyllum(Jiaogulan), you can click this link:

    Hope this can help you, if you have any other question, please feel free to contact us.

  • Eldry :


    Hi there,

    Are there actually substances of Orchid in the ShuCheng Lan Hua?


  • TeaVivre response:


    Thank you for your inquiry, the name “ShuCheng Lan Hua” does not mean that people put flowers or any substance of Orchid inside tea leaves to strength its aroma. There are two versions of meanings about its name:
    1. The shape of young tea tips linked to its branch like an orchid.
    2. When the orchid flowers are in bloom, people begin to harvest them, so the tea leaves usually have the fragrance of orchids.
    Hope this can be helpful for your concern.

  • aimee :


    hi there, I am looking for the best tea for loosing weight to sell if you have one please I need your recommendation.

  • TeaVivre response:


    Hi Aimee, you can try our rippended pu-erh tea. You can try these two kinds of pu-erh:
    Fengqing Ripened Tribute Pu-erh Cake Tea 2013: http://www.teavivre.com/ripened-pu-erh-cake-2013/
    Ripened Aged Loose Pu-erh Tea: http://www.teavivre.com/loose-leaf-pu-erh/

    As you mentioned you want drink them to lose weight, it is suggested to keep drink the tea as a daily habit. Long-term drinking can work better in losing weight.

  • Lyn :


    I received this tea: Tian Yi, and cannot locate what type of tea it is from any list thus far. The labeling is entirely in Chinese and I am unable to read it. I would appreciate any information you would be able to provide.
    thanks so much

  • TeaVivre response:


    Hi Lyn, Tian Yi Tea is the brand of a tea company, not the tea's name. If possible, you can take some pictures of the tea's package (both front and back), and send to us: support@teavivre.com. We will try out best to find the tea for you.

  • vinay :


    i want sample of tea for sale in mp

  • TeaVivre response:


    Hello Vinay, you can contact our wholesale department for the samples: http://www.teasandthes.com/contacts/ask_for_sample/

  • asgar ali :


    i want tea leave sample used in UP for sale.

  • TeaVivre response:


    Hi asgar ali, if you want some free tea samples, now we have a Free Tea Tasting Activity for all customers, from which you can get free tea samples. Or if you want to do business with us, you may contact our customer service. Thank you.

  • Jocelyn :


    I received Taiwan Da Ye Lin Tea from a friend but I can't find its exact equivalent name in the list. There is no information written in English on its packaging. Can you at least confirm if is safe to take. Thank you!

  • TeaVivre response:


    Hi Jocelyn, the Taiwan Da Ye Lin Tea you mentioned seems to be the same with Taiwan Da Yu Ling Tea, which is a kind of high mountain oolong tea. In chinese it is named as 大禹陵茶. It should be safe to take if the tea you received is from standard tea manufactuer.

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