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    The difference between full handmade and semi handmade Dragon Well tea

    Processing tea with machine is the making method that most businesses will use on the market, which can not only maintain the standard taste and quality, but also save time and save a lot of labor. But why do many people still pursue full handmade tea? Because it has the factor that machine can not be replaced - people.

    Here we just take the Long Jing green tea as an example to talk about the difference between full handmade and semi handmade tea.

    First of all, you need to know the key making process of Long Jing green tea - fixation and final-panningv.

    Full handmade means that both the fixation and final-panning are made by hand. However, semi handmade means that fixation is made by machine and final-panning by hand. Of course, there is full machine made Long Jing tea, which means that both the two steps are made by machine, thus it mainly meets the enterprises’ needs of mass production.

    Next, we need to know what the functions of the two steps are.

    The main function of fixation is to use the high temperature to remove the grass smell from the fresh leaves and let the water content of fresh leaves reduced to about 25%.

    The main function of final-panning is to enhance the thickness of tea aroma and taste, at the same time further reduce the water content of fresh leaves.

    Meanwhile, you also have to know some basic knowledge of processing Long Jing green tea:

    • For the fixation by hand and machine the quantity of each pot’s fresh tea leaves is about 150g.
    • Fixation and final-panning by hand are more flexible, which rely on the tea maker’s skills and experience. They can do some fine adjustments based on different conditions, which can not be done by machine.
    • A man who makes teas fully by hand can make about 1000g tea one day, which needs a lot of stamina and energy. However, the machine can work steadily, and one day can stir about 10000g tea. Thus the manual cost is several times higher than the cost of the machine.

    Once we knew all the above information, we could easily tell the difference of full handmade and semi handmade tea.

    The manual cost of stirring tea is high and the output is small, but excellent tea makers can make more mellow tea which has a strong personal characteristic. But the output of machine-made tea is large and the quality of tea can be kept at a standard level with steady taste. So we pursue handmade tea and the core is to pursue the higher quality teas, but not a gimmick.

    Teavivre’s She Qian Long Jing Green Tea and Ming Qian Long Jing Green Tea of this year are made by band from picking to processing and the whole tea production processes are under Angel’s supervision. The people who love Long Jing or want to try full handmade nonpareil organic Long Jing shouldn’t miss the chance.

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