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    Beware of teapot crack in winter

    Now it is winter and people who used to using Zisha teapot may find their teapots suddenly crack. However, is it true that most people believe it’s due to the quality of the teapot itself?

    TeaVivre has discussed about this problem with several tea lovers and finally summed up two main reasons which cause the crack of teapot: low temperature of the environment and the invisible injury on the teapot.

    Low temperature of the environment

    Many cities are very cold in winter, while at this time, the temperature of teapot body is also very low. If we pour the boiled water directly in the teapot, it may cause the teapot crack, this phenomenon also called “Jing Po”(惊破).

    Invisible injury on the teapot

    Most of us may have slightly knocked or hit the teapot during our long-time usage. The injury might not be noticed at that time, but it did exist. When the contrast temperature of the environment or water is too large, this invisible injury may get worse and cause the teapot crack.

    Warm Tips

    No matter whether you have met the above problems or not, we recommend you using some warm water to rinse the Zisha teapot before using it. Thus it can not only warm up, but also clean the teapot.

    Steps: inject 40℃-50℃ water into the pot, gently shake the teapot and after warm its whole body evenly, pour off the water. Inject boiled water in the second time, shake and clean the teapot.

    After warming up the teapot, we can use it to brew tea. It is recommended to drink black tea and ripened pu’erh tea more frequently in winter. They can not only enhance our ability to keep out the cold, but also warm our stomach and body. Wish you all happy and healthy in this winter.

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