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    2014 Black Friday Guide – Warm Up For The Big Carnival

    Posted November 12, 2014

    Black Friday is just around the corner – the best time of the year for shopping your favorite teas! TeaVivre has already started our Pre Black Friday Deals.

    Let’s see what you can do to prepare for this big shopping carnival.

    [November 21 to 25]   Very Limited $10 Gift Cards

    Right before the Black Friday, you get a chance to gain bigger discount: free $10 Gift Card to use on Black Friday Sale!

    But this is very limited. We only release 20 cards at most on each day, sometimes less.

    Do not hesitate!

    [ENDED]   $100 Gift Card Giveaway

    Share the page of our 2014 Black Friday Deals to your friends, then enter the URL of your share result into our Giveaway. You can have a chance to win a $100 Gift Card!

    NOTE: The URL of your share result refers to a webpage’s link to your Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram or blog and other social websites, which contains your share of our Black Friday page.

    There will be only one winner announced when the deal ends.

    Congratulations to Annie!

    a Rafflecopter giveaway

    [ENDED]   Find a $5 Gift Card in your package

    Do not hesitate to get any extra discount with your order!

    From 11/18 to 11/24, if you purchase more than $5, you will find a $5 gift card in your package.

    This gift card is permanently valid. But remember to preserve it well before use.

    [ENDED]   Hundreds of $5 Gift Cards Everyday

    This is an additional discount for Black Friday: $5 free gift card. You can use it anytime before Nov 2015, or, use it on Black Friday to save more on the already-discounted teas.

    How to get it for free? Just make a few clicks! Add the gift card into your shopping cart, then directly checkout to complete the order. You don’t need to actually pay for it.


    [ENDED]   Upgraded Flower Tea Assortment Only for $3.9

    We're introducing new Flower Teas, made of premium grade silver needle green tea.

    Now you can get a special Silver Needle Flower Tea Assortment at ONLY $3.9. Do not miss the chance of enjoying the beauty.

    Silver Needle Flower Tea

    The Assortment includes:

  • True Love Silver Needle Flower Tea
  • Royal Lily Silver Needle Flower Tea
  • Two Dragons and a Pearl Silver Needle Flower Tea
  • Rising Steadily Silver Needle Flower Tea
  • Christmas Tree Silver Needle Flower Tea
  • Family Happiness Silver Needle Flower Tea
  • From Nov 15 – 18, this assortment only costs $3.9.

    Amount Limited: each account can purchase ONLY ONE assortment during the deal.

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