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    Brief Information of 2017 Spring Tea

    Posted March 01, 2017

    Tongmu Guan, Wuyi Mountain

    A few days ago, a cold wave arrived suddenly throughout the country in China. This unexpected rain and snow made tea farmers sharing lots of snow pictures about their own tea gardens in their friend circles. After seeing these photos, we immediately contact them to learn the newest information about the tea gardens. Fortunately, it hasn't caused any severe damage as it did two years ago.

    For tea trees that have not yet sprouted, the recent cold wave had almost no effect on the tea gardens. Instead, it helps to kill some insect pests with poor chilling resistance which expose themselves on the surface of tea trees. Moreover, the eggs of insects will also freeze to death even they’re hidden in the depths of the soil. As a result, this helps reduce the occurrence of insect pests.

    For the tea growing areas that have begun to sprout, although this short period of low temperature could inhibit sprouting of the tea buds. However, when the snow melted, it’ll increase the water content to the tea trees, which is more conducive to the growth of tea trees.

    In general, it’s a short-term trend in lower temperature that hasn't had a notable impact on tea so far. Furthermore, it would be very beneficial for tea growth.

    Teavivre will keep a close eye on the newest information about 2017 spring tea. Stay tuned with us!

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