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    Enrich Your Tea Ware Collection With Our Tea Pet

    Posted April 22, 2013

    TeaVivre has added varieties of tea wares on our selves, including Yixing purple clay, porcelain and glass. As a tea lover, you must have a set of your own favorite tea ware. You may be also aware of different tea pets from videos or forum talking about Chinese brewing method.

    Tea pet is the small mascot or sculpture on the tea table, can be seasoned with tea liquid. The longer the tea pet is seasoned, the smoother and glossier it will be.

    This year TeaVivre introduces you three kinds of tea pets. You can then decorate your tea table with our tea pets, bringing more Chinese style into the brewing.

    Laughing Maitreya Buddha Yixing Tea Pet

    Lucky Meistreya Buddha Yixing Tea Pet

    Happy Piggy Yixing Tea Pet

    Seasoning Tea Pet Is a Gradual Progress

    There is an old Chinese saying that soft fire makes sweet malt. It also works on the season of tea pet. Newly made Yixing purple clay productions usually are not smooth. They need to be seasoned. Varying kinds of tea has different effects on the tea pet and tea pot. Pu-erh tea can quicken the speed of season, comparing to green tea. Generally, the season of tea pet is a long-term casual and cozy progress. Keep the habit to leave the rest tea liquid to your tea pet. You can notice its changes after a long time seasoning.

    Tips on how to season your tea pet:

    1. The liquid that is good for seasoning the pet can be the used water for warming up the cup, the liquid of rinsing the leaves, or the left-over tea liquid from each steep.
    2. Evenly wipe or pour the tea liquid over the tea pet. The tea pet will looks dappled if the liquid is poured only on a part of its surface.
    3. You can touch the tea pet with bare hands frequently when it’s dry.
    4. Use tea brush or tea cloth, or soft writing brush, to wipe the tea pet.
    5. If your tea pet is stained or has tea dirt on the surface, you can use salt to gently rub the dirt off.

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