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    Oolong tea mixed with ginseng: Ginseng Oolong

    Posted April 26, 2012

    Teavivre cares about the health effects of teas while keeping focus on the plentiful varieties of teas. We now launch the Ginseng Oolong Tea, a mixture of oolong and american ginseng, which could be good for health, meanwhile has a distinct taste.
    Ginseng OolongGinseng Oolong

    When tasting this Ginseng Oolong, you will find the difference between it and other oolong teas, that the Ginseng Oolong is covered with ginseng powders on the tea grains. Those powders are blended during the process of roast. In this way the different flavor of the two materials could be combined better and performed well.
    Ginseng OolongGinseng Oolong

    Si Chi Chun (Four Season Oolong) is the tree breed of Ginseng Oolong tea. It was called four season oolong because of a 6 picking times for a whole year. In other words it can be picked in each season in a year. The tea can be brewed for 5 – 7 times. It has a heavy flavor and sweet, and a strong aftertaste of sweet.

    Teavivre now offer a discount of 15% for this tea. Discount will be end on May 20th.

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