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    Choose Various Hand-crafted Yixing Zisha Teapots on TeaVivre

    Posted June 26, 2013

    TeaVivre pays attention to different demands of customers. We keep enriching our product line with various kinds of teas.

    What is Zisha?

    Zisha (紫砂) is short for Yixing Zisha tea wares, is a branch of ceramic. It is fine and smooth, contains high amount of iron. Yixing Zisha has brownish red color. It is a kind of unglazed ceremic wares with high toughness and high air permeability.

    Handmade Antique Style Fanggu Yixing Zisha Teapot

    Fanggu, written in Chinese as 仿古 (fǎng gǔ), is originally know as another phrase: 仿鼓 (fǎng gǔ). 仿鼓 means the teapot is modeled after the appearance of drum. This style started since Qing Dynasty. Till now people still make this teapot by imitating its old crafting style. So it is renamed as 仿古, meaning making the teapot in an antique style. This Antique Style Fanggu Yixing Teapot is small, short and plump. Inner wall is smooth and flat. Lid and pot perfectly fit with each other. The spout and handle are shaped in symmetrical position. This exquisite Yixing Teapot is an excellent choice for tasting good teas.

    Handmade Antique Style Fanggu Yixing Zisha Teapot

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