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    Named By a Legend - Monkey Picked Oolong tea is Online

    Posted April 06, 2012

    Oolong tea which is also called “Qingcha” is mainly produced in Fujian, Guangdong, and Taiwan. Oolong tea remains the green tea’s sweet and fresh. It also remains the strong fragrance and mellow taste of black tea.

    Monkey Picked Oolong

    Teavivre chose this stronger fragrance Oolong tea, which is of baked flavor when brewed to enrich your choices.

    Teavivre select this Monkey picked Oolong tea, which is a 100% fermented-tea. It makes the tea be soft and smoothy. Named by its legend, Monkey picked the Oolong tea was called by located people in Li Mountain, which is located in Taizhong, Taiwan. The growing environment here is of clean as the mountain is covered by virgin forests.

    It is said that the cliff is too abrupt for people to pick the Oolong tea leaves, monkey is trained to climb the cliff and help tea farmers pick the Oolong tea leaves. That’s the reason why it was named.

    Monkey Picked Oolong

    There is a baked flavor when brewed Monkey Picked Oolong tea, which was ever named Maliumie in China. It is come from Li Mountain, Taizhong, Taiwan, which belongs to the top 10 of Taiwan teas.

    Monkey Picked Oolong

    Teavivre provides 15% discount for this tea till Apr 30.

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