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    Teavivre's Superfine Ming Qian Dragon Well Long Jing Tea is Online

    Posted May 03, 2012

    A new spring comes. Most tea gardens and factories are busy picking spring teas, like Mingqian tea and Yuqian tea. Coming up with the steps of spring, Teavivre will gradually launch our new teas of 2012.

    At present a majority of Mingqian tea is finished picking. We will present a new serial that made of fresh tea buds for spring tea lovers.

    Mingqian tea(明前茶): tea leaves picked and made before Qing Ming festival. In this period of time, nutritions in tea trees has been accumulated for long, and as it’s usually cool in early spring, tea trees grow slowly. Therefore Mingqian tea could carry more amino acid than teas picked after Qingming Festival, meanwhile has less tea polyphenols of bitter flavor, making Mingqian tea tastes mellow and aromatic.

    Yuqian tea(雨前茶): tea leaves picked and made around Grain Rain season,in which nutritions is contained abundantly but less than Mingqian tea. Yuqian tea usually has a fresh and heavy taste, and could be steeped for longer time.

    For more information of our spring tea, please view our 2012 new arrivals

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