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TeaVivre's trip to the Heshan Organic tea garden in Fujian Province

Posted March 28, 2011

TeaVivre's always try to personally visit and sample potential suppliers before we sell their tea.

In March of 2011 we went on a trip to Fuding in Fujian province, to visit the organic tea gardens from where we source our Silver Needle, Bai Mudan and Bailin Gongfu teas.

At around 2,500 ft elevation, the gardens are high in the mountains above Fuding.

The tea gardens comprise about 500 acres of hilly, terraced slopes.   They have obtained organic certification in compliance with US, EU and Japanese government requirements – something not many farms anywhere in the world can claim.  In particular their farms have not used any pesticides in the past 10 years, do not have any industry within 10 kilometers and whose sole business is farming tea.

Scenery of Organic tea garden in Fujian Province
The hills covered in small yellow signs

When we arrived we say the hills covered in small yellow signs.  We had no idea what they were!


The yellow plastic to attract and then kill the wasps

They turned out to be wasp traps.  They use a naturally sticky, sweet covering over yellow plastic to attract and then kill the wasps.


Another wasp excluder

Another wasp excluder by using solar energy.


mountain water for irrigation

They collect their own mountain water for irrigation.


A mix of planted tea trees and natural vegetation to ensure the local ecosystem is balanced

Their farm is a mix of planted tea trees and natural vegetation, to ensure the local ecosystem is as balanced as possible, important in an organic garden to help keeps pests at bay.


This is the never being wilted wild vegetation

This kind of wild vegetation I don’t know its name but it has the most vigor of life. It never being wilted even in the most cold times in winter.


The tea trees are beginning Spring growth

Being above 3,000ft the weather is still cold, so in March the tea trees are just beginning their Spring growth.


The tea saplings

Tea saplings


Most rare tea trees “King Tea Trees”

They have a special small grove of “King Tea Trees” that are over 20 years old.  Producing only around 60 pounds of tea a year, it is their most rare tea.


TeaVivre’s team at the top of the tea garden

A photo of the TeaVivre's team at the top of the tea garden.

First row middle: Angel Chen (Teaviver Purchasing Manager)
Firt row right: Wenny Ren (Teavivre Delivery Department Manager)
Second row third person (from left to right): Chris Yang (Founder of Teavivre)


Looking around the organic tea gardens

Looking around before leaving, it was easy for us to see why this area produces such great tea!


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