Changzhi Jiusheng Bamboo Tea Tray

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Changzhi Jiusheng Bamboo Tea Tray
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Tea Tray

Songxi, Nanping, Fujian


Phyllostachys edulis (Nan Zhu)


19.6” L x 12.6" W (50cm x 35cm)


All tea trays will go through the spray paint process. The brand new tea tray may have some odors. This is a normal phenomenon. The smell will gradually disappear after a few days ventilation.

Angel's Comment:

The rounded corner design is very novel, wear-resistant, and has a large use area, which is suitable for all kinds of tea ceremony.

TeaVivre’s Bamboo Tea Tray selected the high-quality Nan Zhu as raw materials. The texture of the whole tea tray is clear, and the surface is smooth and flat. The hollow design on the surface of the tea tray facilitates the drainage of excess tea liquid and keeps it tidy. The upper tray and the water storage part can be separated, which is easy to pouring and clean. The entire tea tray has a large area and can be placed on various tea sets to meet the needs of all kinds of tea brewing; at the same time, its water storage capacity is about 4000ml, which can meet long-term use.



Phyllostachys edulis, also known in Chinese as Nanzhu (楠竹), is a quality material with a high economic value. It grows mainly in Yingbing City, Sichuan, Hunana, and Fujian province, and is spread throughout the 400-600m hill regions of small mountains. Nanzhu is tough yet flexible, and as such is often used in construction, furniture, and other daily necessities. Tea trays made from Nanzhu are durable and environmentally friendly.

Conservation Tips for Bamboo Tea Tray:

To maintain the quality of your bamboo tray, make sure to keep it from sunlight, keep it ventilated, and make sure it stays moisturized. If you know you will not be using it for a while, make sure it is cleaned and dried before being put in a place away from sunlight.

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