Flying Crane Pottery Gaiwan

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Flying Crane Pottery Gaiwan
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Dehua (德化), Quanzhou, Fujian


Coarse Pottery




130 ml (4.4oz)


3.7” W x 3.9” H (9.5cm x 10cm)

Angel's Comment:

Classic style, antique glazed, thick and plump.

Crane has auspicious meaning in Chinese traditional culture. A flying crane is painting on this Gaiwan, which is vivid and conveys good wishes. In terms of craftsmanship, this Gaiwan is made of pottery and fired at a high temperature of over 1,300 degrees. After the furnace transmutation (窑变) process, its glaze shows beautiful colors, which is natural, simple but fresh.

This Gaiwan is named by a “flying crane”, and completely portrays its agile appearance on the Gaiwan’s body.

In addition, the design of the bottom of this Gaiwan is quite unique, replacing the traditional bottom with the threaded copper material, making it more elegant.

Furnace Transmutation

The occurrence of 窑变, or furnace transmutation, is a phenomenon that occurs throughout the manufacturing process of some ceramics. It results in unpredictable, uncontrolled color changes along porcelain surfaces caused by variations in temperature inside the kiln. This is part of why a uniform glaze can still result in many unpredictable and beautiful colors, manifesting the secrets of ancient oriental ceramic arts.


Located in Fujian province, Dehua County is the famous porcelain and ceramic origin and an important base for exporting porcelain in China. With over thousand-year history, Dehua porcelain is characterized by its elegant design, excellent craft, hard texture and watery white appearance.

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