Hexagon Coarse Pottery Tea Caddy

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Hexagon Coarse Pottery Tea Caddy

Dehua (德化), Quanzhou, Fujian


Coarse Pottery


Big one: 650ml (22oz)

Small one: 350ml (11.8oz)


Big one: 3.7" W x 6.5" H (9.5cm x 16.5cm)

Small one: 5.0" W x 5.9" H (7.7cm x 15cm)

Angel's Comment:

Simple and quaint design visually creates a refreshing image.

Different from other shaped tea caddies, this tea caddy takes the hexagon as the creative source. It has sharp edges and corners which present a different kind of beauty. Because it is made of coarse pottery, the surface owns frosted texture. Furthermore, another unique design on the body is the gold-painted leaves, which is made by high temperature and not easy to fade, letting the simple tea caddy more beautiful.



Located in Fujian province, Dehua County enjoys a great reputation for its ceramic and porcelain crafts. White porcelain from Dehua has a bright, pure white color with great light transmission. The ivory white (象牙白) and Chinese white (中国白) have been well known both at home and abroad from as far back as the Ming and Qing dynasty. He Zongchao, Lin Chaojing, and Zhang Shoushan, among others, were the most famous ceramic artists from Dehuan during the Ming dynasty.

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