Triple Regards to Chinese Spring Festival: Wish You a Happy Year of The Horse

Chance of Gaining More Reward Points for Your Order

The Chinese Spring Festival is a very significant festival in China, which is known as Chinese New Year. People will celebrate it in many different ways.

In lunar calendar, December 30, the day before Spring Festival, is called Chu Xi (除夕, chú xī). The next day, January 1, is the Spring Festival. Now the Spring Festival of 2014 is coming. TeaVivre wishes to send our best regards to tea lovers all over the world: wish you a happy and lucky Spring Festival!

Celebrate it with TeaVivre:

Chance of Gaining More Reward Points for Your Order

Between Jan 25 to Feb 6 23:59 pm in EST, we will have a Spring Festival Deal of TRIPLE Points.

The Triple Points Deal is SITE-WIDE. Buy any kinds of teas and tea wares will gain you three times reward points than normal orders. For example, if you get 100 points from a $20 order before, now during the Spring Festival Deal, you can earn 300 points from the same amount.

Introducing New Arrivals for the New Year

Except for Triple points, we also prepared three new kinds of pu-erh cakes to celebrate the festival.


Chinese Traditional Spring Festival:

Celebrating the Spring Festival is the top priority event for Chinese people to welcome the traditional New Year. People will visits relatives and friends, do New Year shopping, and have a family reunion dinner on New Year’s Eve.

Read our article of Spring Festival for more information:

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