Guang Dong Phoenix Dan Cong – Be Full of Honey Fragrance

Oolong teas fall between un-oxidised green teas and fully oxidised black teas. Produced from larger more mature leaves, it gives us more benefits when drinking.

Teavivre pay attention to the different request of our customers when we multiply the varieties of our products. Now we provide Phoenix Dan Cong from Guangdong Province on TeaVivre below.

Guangdong Province lies on the south coastline of Chinese mainland. Phoenix Dan Cong grows in the tea region in Phoenix Mountain in Chaozhou, Guangdong. This tea has the aroma of fruit and sweet potato. Liquid is orange and full of honey fragrance.Guang Dong Phoenix Dan Cong

The Phoenix Mountain locates in Chaozhou, Guangdong. This area is close to the South China Sea. The climate here is warm, with sufficient rainfall. Tea trees are grown in the area above the altitude of 1000 meters, where the weather is cloudy and misty all the year round. Air moisture here is high and temperature between day and night is also very distinct. Average temperature is around 20℃, and annual precipitation is about 1800 millimeters. The fertile soil contains a abundant of organic matters and trace substance, which is helpful for tea tree’s grow and the forming of tea polyphenol and aromatic substance.

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