Have A Cup of Chamomile Rose Needle White Tea in the Hot Summer!

Flower white tea can help to reduce inner heat in the hot summer. Also it can refresh your minds as well as improving eyesight.

Drink our Chamomile Rose Needle White Tea in this summer. Bring more comfortable feelings to get through summer’s heat. White tea is able to reduce inner heat, while chamomile can help to refresh head and improve eyesight. What’s more, rose is very beneficial for blood circle. TeaVivre brings you this high quality floral scented needle white tea. Enjoy a cup!

chamomile white tea

This tea is combined with the advantages of chamomile, rose and white tea. These materials’ aroma and flavor is naturally connected with each other. The rich aroma, and good health benefits, makes this high grade flower needle white tea worth to drink in the summer.

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