Taste of nature – Teavivre's herbal teas with incredible taste

TeaVivre brings several kinds of refreshing, relaxing and tasty herbal teas for you. Come and join us!

Modern urban citizens are more eager to go back to traditional way of life as well as the rural idyllic environment when they get tired of the hustle and bustle of life in city – We all need a beverage to clean the heart and enjoy the peace in the busy and blatant city. Let’s have a cup of teavivre’s herbal tea made of pink rose, green mint, snow-white jasmine, etc. to enjoy the tranquil and simple country life in summer days.

Showing the various colors and aromas of nature, herbal tea containing no caffeine, theophylline or other artificial additives becomes more and more popular among those who think that herbal tea expresses the idea of romantic. Our high quality herbal teas are 100% natural, they not only taste delicious but also and have many good effects on human body.

Treat yourself with our 5 delicious herbal teas with your personal recipes.

Superb raw materials together with exclusive formulations collectively contribute to great taste – Different raw materials, same tasty feeling!

These spirited, uplifting, and aromatic infusion blend are beautiful to look at, deliciously tasty, and good for you! The addition of some ice cakes or leaving them in refrigerator for a few hours can make the flavor better.

In addition, buy our 9 newly-launched herbal teas now you can enjoy our special 7-day offer of 15% discount. Opportunity seldom knocks twice. The deadline of the activity is July 2nd, 2015.

Enjoy these incredible herbal teas being good for both self-satisfaction and gifts now!

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