New Glass Teapots are Online with Free Flower Teas

TeaVivre choose four new kind glass teapot for everyone who likes tea sets. Moreover, you will also get free flower teas.

TeaVivre has chosen four kinds of glass teapot from Shanghai as our new arrivals for summer.

This teapot is made of a kind of low-expanding material, the borosilicate glass. The expansion coefficient of an object refers to the varying data when the length, size and area of the object changing under the condition of 1 centigrade’s rising in temperature. The technologies of producing borosilicate glass usually include propelled automatic feeding, immersed temperature measurement, furnace bottom bubbling, mechanical agitation, electricity melt, radiometry and laser. The instance temperature range of this glass material is from -20 ℃ to 150 ℃. It is featured the ability of resisting attacks of high-temperature.

Stylish Glass Teapot with Infuser (Stainless Steel) 1200 ml / 40.6oz
the details of glass teapot

Glass Tea Mug with Infuser (Stainless Steel) 360 ml / 12.2oz
the details of glass teapot

Cheerful Glass Teapot with Infuser 450 ml/ 15.2 oz
the details of glass teapot

Pumpkin-like Glass Teapot with Infuser 600 ml / 20.3oz
the details of glass teapot

You will get 2 FREE Pieces of Marigold Blossom Flower Tea for each teapot you buy

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