New Tea Tins Available

Storing tea in a good method is important for someone who likes drinking tea. There, on TeaVivre, you can find these tins to store your tea.

After being picked from trees, fresh tea leaves will go through the process of oxidation. But the finished tea is also oxidizing by contacting air. If the tea is not well stored, its aroma, color and flavor will gradually fade away due to oxidation. Consequently, we offer double lidded tea tins for our customer, to provide you a better storage for your favorite teas. After the Tea Tin’s online, we add four new wide-mouth Tea Tins on our selves. Choose the one of your favor.

The Four Variety Tea Tin include: Milky White Mountain Tea Tin, Black Pumpkin-Like Tea Tin, Traditional Red Tea Tin, and Brown Dragon Tea Tin.
variety tea tin milky white tea tin

variety tea tin black tea tin

variety tea tin red tea tin

variety tea tin brown tea tin

These tea tins have wide mouth, making it more convenient to take teas from it. They also have tighter lids, which performs well in protecting your teas from air. Thus the tea can retain its fresh aroma and flavor. These new tea tins are smaller and more convenient to put in your freezer. So you can use it to store your tea that require low temperature preservation, like high grade green tea with plenty pekoe or tender buds, oolong tea, and especially manual-made highly-fermented teas.

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