Notes of Maintaining Yixing Teapot

Maintaining a teapot is a work beginning from the inside of both you and the teapot. It is also a process of improving yourself. If you want to maintain well a Yixing teapot, you need to take good care of it since the very first use.

Some people like to directly pour tea liquid onto Yixing teapot, or use tea brush to brush tea liquid on the teapot, or even left the brewed tea leaves and tea liquid in the pot till the next use. It seems that these methods would help to maintain the teapot. But in fact they are inadvisable. Because if the tea liquid or tea leaves are left in the teapot for too long, it may produce microorganism that is harmful for human health. What’s worse, it may leave ugly stains on the teapot’s surface.

Actually, it is better not keep tea liquid on the teapot’s surface. Use tea cloth or tea brush to clean redundant tea liquid, and wash the teapot in hot water after each use, then use clean tea cloth to wipe water from the teapot to complete dry. After that, place the teapot in airy, dry place. With your long-term care, the Yixing teapot can be maintained into the best condition both of its character and its appearance.

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