Raw Pu-erh Tea Knowledge

pu-erh is named by its producing area. The resource is shaiqing maocha, which is grown in Yunnan, it is a Yunnan big leaf well known by people. After fermentation, it was made into pu-erh san and compressed pu-erh tea, that is fermented puerh tea , or shu puerh.

What is Pu-erh Tea?

Today, you will find that pu-erh is actually named after the area that it is produced in.  You will find that the resource that is out there is shaiqing maocha, this is actually created by the tea leaves that come from the Yunnan large-leaf variety.  You will find that Puerh tea has two different types to it, it comes in a raw form, which is puerh sheng in Chinese, and this method is done with no fermentation.  You will find that the other option is puerh ripe, which is puerh shu in Chinese, which means that this tea is done after the fermentation process.

About Raw Puerh Tea

You will find that with unfermented puerh tea, it is stored right after it is picked, which means that the leaves are very tender.  There is no fermentation process that is done with the tea and you are not going to have to do piling for it.  They will put this tea in bricks and different shapes.

The raw puerh tea will have a stronger taste to it than the ripe one.  People will be able to taste a very strong fragrance after they drink it.  The tea will be slightly bitter but it will actually taste sweet after it has been freshly brewed.  The color of the tea is light yellowish green.  The longer that you store this tea, the mellower that it will get.

Store Method

Pu-erh is a special tea that will become more and more better within a process of fermentation during the time goes.  A proper place where it avoid sunlight and rain, store in clean room and storage with a dry and airiness is your best choice so that you can taste the better flavor.

How to Brew Your Puerh

You want to have the best water to make your Pu-erh tea with and mineral, spring, or pure water is going to be a great thing to use.  You also want to make sure that the temperature of your water is perfect, if the water is too hot the tea will be bitter, if it is a lower temperature, it is going to be a little bit more fragrant and sweet.  You want to have 100 degree water to brew the puerh with, and you want to use about 3 to 5 grams of 150ml of water.  There is a great article on tea brewing for the puerh that will help you understand that process better.

Difference Between the Ripe Puerh and the Raw Puerh

The biggest difference that you are going to find is that raw puerh is stored naturally and it does not go through the piling process or the fermentation process.  For this reason, it is going to have a stronger flavor and have a taste that is more characteristic of that tea that people really love and enjoy.  But, if you aren’t a fan of this flavor, you can try rip puerh.

You will find that if you are looking for a tea that is going to last for a long time, you want to take a look at the ripe puerh.  This is going to make the tea leaves very tender and very soft; it will also mellow out the flavor of it.  It is also extremely good for your stomach and has many health benefits, especially Puerh Tea Weight Loss Benefit.  There are people that like both styles of this tea.

  • I don’t know what tea to get I need to loose weight and lower my blood pressure fast I’m confused on what tea to get the ripe pu-erh or should I get the raw pu-erh tea

    • TeaVivre

      Dear Minerva,

      Thank you very much for writing to us. Actually, if your stomach is well, you can choose raw pu-erh tea, but if not, you can choose ripe pu-erh. Furthermore, please ask your doctor if you can drink any teas, while you take meditions.

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    • TeaVivre

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