Xihu Longjing Tea – A Distinguishing Kind among Chinese Tea

In fresh April in Hangzhou, follow the tea fragrant, choose a right farmyard teahouse, have an cup of authentic West Lake Dragon Well Tea but not to mind a palatable peasant family’s meal, and enjoy a real ceremony of tea art, is no doubt the fashionable relax in the season, as well as a freshest travel means today.

Zhejiang Tea Area

Zhejiang is also called “Zhe(浙)” for short which is located in the East of China. With Shanghai and Jangsu in its North, Anhui and Jiangxi in its West, Fujian and Zhejiang in its South. Zhejiang Province, on the whole, a mountainous province, mountains and hills accounting for 70% of the total area of Zhejiang, and generally higher elevations west and south.