TRIPLE Reward Points During Spring Festival

Earn More Reward Points to Save Money for Your Next Order

Earn More Reward Points to Save Money for Your Next Order

Our Normal Reward Points Rule for order : Product Subtotal each $1 earn 5 Points

To celebrate the coming Chinese New Year, during Feb. 3rd – Feb. 17th, 2013, every order will earn TRIPLE Reward Points: Product Subtotal each $1 earn 15 Points (100 Points = $1).

For Chinese culture enthusiast, the most important Festival for Chinese people – the Chinese Traditional Spring Festival is coming near. For tea lovers, you must also be interested in this big Festival.

Prepare for Chinese New Year

Store owners are busy before the New Year as everybody goes out to purchase necessities for the New Year. Materials not only include edible oil, rice, flour, chicken, duck, fish and meat, but also fruit, candies and kinds of nuts. What’s more, various decorations, new clothes and shoes for the children as well as gifts for the elderly, friends and relatives, are all on the list of purchasing.

People completely clean the indoors and outdoors of their homes as well as their clothes, bedclothes and all their utensils.

How Chinese celebrate Chinese New Year and the typical activities for this holiday.

Before the eve of the New Year, everyone tries to come back home from every corner of the country to join the entire family, just like Americans’ practice for Christmas.

The burning of long strings of firecrackers accompanies the Eve of the New Year.

At midnight following a nice family dinner on the New Year’s Eve, the young members of the family would bow and pay their respects to the parents and elders.

Starting from the New Year’s Day, people began going out to visit friends and relatives.

Common expressions heard at this time are: Guo Nian Hao (过年好!)or Xin Nian Hao (新年好!) (means Happy New Year)

For more information of the Chinese Traditional Spring Festival Culture please have a look of the article The Traditional Chinese Spring Festival

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