Teasandthes.com is Online: Tea Wholesale from TeaVivre

Teas and Thes has been developed for 2 years, providing small and medium amount tea wholesale business and customized drop shipping service.

Know About Teas and Thes

Chinese has been well-known around the world for many years, owns a large numbers of lovers. Among them there exists a promising market of wholesale Chinese teas. Tea and Thes arises for providing small and medium amount tea wholesale under this circumstance.

What Does Teas and Thes Do?

We visit tea gardens, talk with tea farmers and tea workers, taste various kinds of teas and select highly qualified healthy tea for customers, enrich our products with teas meet the health and organic requirement of European and other countries. Our core is to provide high quality Chinese tea wholesale service of small and medium amount.

Teas and Thes do small and medium amount tea wholesale business. We believe that for tea wholesale business, small is exquisite, quality is quantity, and long-term is eternity.

Your customers are waiting for 2013 Spring Teas. Put them on sale as soon as possible!
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