Laughing Maitreya Buddha Yixing Tea Pet

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Laughing Maitreya Buddha Yixing Tea Pet
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Yixing Teapet Duan Ni

Yixing (宜兴), Jiangsu Province, China


Duan Ni (鍛泥)




3.5” W x 2.8” H (9 cm x 7cm)

Angel's Comment:

The laughing Maitreys Buddha Tea Pet has a wild and benignant look, can bring a peaceful and natural atmosphere for the brew.

Maitreya Buddha, usually hunkers with a potbelly, has a pleasant smile on his face. This mainstream look of Maitreya Buddha has special implication. The potbelly indicates an attitude of tolerating the world intolerable matter; the smiling face implies to laugh the world’s ridiculousness. This Laughing Meitreya Buddha Tea Pet holds a bunch of Buddha beads on his right hand, with a cloth bag in his left hand, hunkering on the tea table in an unrestrained position, reflecting a tea culture that wide heart embraces all. Beyond that, the Buddha tea pet can remind people to keep a peaceful mind and pleasant mood when brewing tea.


Duanni is called Lao Tuanni which is common seen in Huanglong Shan, Yixing, Jiangsu Province. Besides being used to make pottery, Duanni also can be grind into fine particles to be used to blend. Being burning Duanni will become yellow in color, with very small amount of red spots. This kind of clay is of loosen and double air hole structure, that leads smooth cross-ventilation. Teapot made of Duanni is such a good choice to enjoy best teas.


Yixing County, the Pottery Capital of China, has a very long history of pottery making for around 6500 years. Yixing boasts abundant resources of argil, tea, bamboo and charcoal, all of which build the important material resource basis for making pottery. Yixing Zisha products have been awarded many prizes both in home and abroad, some excellent works have been presented as national gifts in international communications.

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