Mini Coarse Pottery Tea Caddy

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Mini Coarse Pottery Tea Caddy
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100-300ml Tea Storage

Dehua County, Quanzhou City, Fujian Province, China


Coarse Pottery

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3.1” W x 2.6” H (7.9cm x 6.7cm)


140ml (4.8oz) (Capable for containing 50g pearl-shaped tea and small tight leaf tea,

like Premium Jasmine Dragon Pearls Green Tea, Keemun Black Tea and Loose Pu'erh tea)

Angel's Comment:

With elegant and cute appearance, this tea caddy can save the space of our tea tray and is easy to carry no matter in office or in travel.

Tea has strong adsorption ability for water and odor, and it can easily be affected by them, thus, tea caddy came into being. TeaVivre’s tea caddy is made by coarse pottery after been calcined with high temperature. It has 140ml and two colors. The black one is simple and stable, and the white one is bright and elegant. The lid is used non-woven for sealing, which is safe and seamless. If it accidentally stained with tea liquid or other stains while using, we can just gently wipe it up. In addition, the outside of the tea caddy is matte texture while the inside applies transparent glaze which embodies the simple Japanese style.

Tea Caddy Dimensions

Coarse Pottery

As a dry leaf, tea has a strong absorption ability for water and odors, and as such can easily pick up both of these. The tea caddy came into being because of this, as a way to keep the tea dry and away from any outside smells or contaminants. TeaVivre’s tea caddy is made of coarse pottery following calcinations at high temperature, and is 140mL in volume and comes in two colors. The black is simple and stable, while its counterpart white is bright and elegant. The lid seals safely and seamlessly, and if the caddy is accidentally stained during use, it can be gently wiped clean. In addition, the exterior of the caddy has a matte texture while the interior has a transparent glaze, embodying a simple Japanese style.

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