Handmade Qinzhou Nixing Pottery Teapot Mei Ren Jian

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Handmade Qinzhou Nixing Pottery Teapot Mei Ren Jian
100% of 100

Ni Xing Pottery (坭兴陶)


Qinzhou, Guangxi, China


100% Hand-made, so the body of the teapot may have handmade traces (Note: teapots of 100% hand-made can’t be exactly the same as shown on the picture. So it is normal that in a few cases the teapot may be very slightly different from that on the picture, however, the quality is always the same.)


250ml (8.5oz)


5.5” W x 3.7” H (14cm x 9.5cm)


Great for brewing Oolong Tea, Pu-erh Tea, Black Tea


in the kilning change process of making the Qinzhou Nixing pottery, there is probable unforseen color change exist.

Angel's Comment:

The teapot body is round and the texture is smooth, with exquisite line-engraved patterns, it is worth using and collecting.

Mei Ren Jian teapot (or beauty shoulder teapot) is one of the classic teapot shapes in traditional Chinese culture. It has full and round body with full and well-proportioned pot shoulders, which gradually taper downwards, forming a roughly inverted triangle proportion, just like the narrow and round women shoulder, hence the name.


No matter what kind of material, the Mei Ren Jian teapot is very elegant and dignified. The lines of this Nixing teapot are smooth and the texture is delicate. With long-term using and nourishment of tea liquid, its surface will become shinier. The pattern of ginkgo leaf and fish engraved on the teapot body which is very delicate and vivid. And there are two characters on the opposite side: “雅” means elegant, “乐” means happy. It has 250ml capacity, and is very suitable for brewing large-leaf tea like oolong and puerh, so that the tea leaves have enough space to stretch.


Pouring smoothly and stopping neatly

Material – Qinzhou Nixing Pottery

Qinzhou Nixing Pottery, together with Yixing Zisha Clay, Yunnan Jianshui Pottery, Sichuan Rongchang Pottery, are the four most famous Pottery in China. The clay is mixed with pottery unique to the eastern and western Qingjiang River. As the Nixing Pottery is buried deeply in the Mountainside stratum, it is pure natural, environment protecting, and including kinds of micro elements such as Fe, Zn, Ca, Se etc. that are good for our health.

In 2008, the craft of Guangxi Qinzhou Nixing Pottery was approved as national intangible cultural heritage by the State Council.

The unique characteristic of natural double porosity structure of air permeable but water impermeable makes the teapot full of oxygen molecule which is good for long time storage of tea and food.

Material Nixing

Eastern Pottery / Dong Ni is soft which Western Pottery / Xi Ni is hard. They are usually mixed with the ratio of 60% Eastern Pottery and 40% Western Pottery to support each other, thus making the teapot high quality.


Qinzhou is a prefecture-level city of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region and is located in southwestern China. Nixing Pottery in Qinzhou has been regarded as one of the most ethnic characteristics local specialties. As the traditional art, Qinzhou Nixing pottery is more than 1,300 years history. According to historical records: the Qinzhou pottery is invented before Tang Dynasty and becoming refinement in Tang Dynasty. To the Qing Dynasty Xianfeng years, Qinzhou pottery is prosperous, and is widely used.

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