Ru Yao Porcelain Teapot – Mei Ren Jian

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Mei Ren Jian
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Ru Yao Porcelain Teapot – Mei Ren Jian

Dehua (德化), Quanzhou, Fujian


Ru Yao Porcelain


5.6" W x 3.8" H (14.3cm x 9.8cm)


200ml (6.7oz)

Angel's Comment:

With full and round body and fine texture, this teapot can add a sense of tranquility and comfort to your tea time.

Mei Ren Jian teapot (or beauty shoulder teapot) is one of the classic teapot shapes in traditional Chinese culture. It has full and round body with full and well-proportioned pot shoulders, which gradually taper downwards, forming a roughly inverted triangle proportion, just like the narrow and round women shoulder, hence the name.


The lines of this Mei Ren Jian are smooth; the shape of the teapot body is round and delicate, dignified and adorable. The material and color of Ru Yao porcelain make the whole pot more elegant and pretty. In addition, there are a small amount of irregular cicada wing patterns (small cracks, also called “Kai Pian”) on the teapot body. With long time use, the tea liquid will gradually penetrate into the cracks, forming unique patterns. The deeper the grains, the more charming the teapot will be.


Located in Fujian province, Dehua County is the famous porcelain and ceramic origin and an important base for exporting porcelain in China. With over thousand-year history, Dehua porcelain is characterized by its elegant design, excellent craft, hard texture and watery white appearance.

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