Ru Yao Porcelain Tea Filter

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Ru Yao Porcelain Tea Filter

Dehua (德化), Quanzhou, Fujian Province, China



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3.2” W x 2.0” H (8.2cm x 5cm)

Angel's Comment:

It is engaging and practical, but also plays the function of decorative, while putting the elegant Ru Yao Porcelain Tea Filter on the tea table or tea tray.

Ru Yao porcelain, named after it is originated in Ruzhou, is a very precious ceramic, which ranks the first place among Chinese Five Famous Kiln -- Ru, Guan, Ge, Jun, Ding (汝、官、哥、钧、定). The two special characteristics of Ru Yao porcelain are the glaze color and Kai Pian. The glaze color of this filter is azure, which just like the color of the sky after raining. In addition, the tiny grains (cracks or “Kai Pian” in Chinese) are not conspicuous for the new filter. But with long time use, the tea liquid will gradually penetrate into the cracks, so that we can see these grains clearly. The deeper the grains, the more charming the filter will be.

This Ru Yao Porcelain Tea Filter can be divided into strainer and strainer holder. The tea strainer on the holder can be used to filter the tea dust and broken tea leaves, and also enhance the taste of tea. After using, we can put the strainer on the holder, which can not only directly discharge the remaining liquor, but also is very convenient and sanitary.

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Ru Yao Filter Dimensions

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