Ru Yao Porcelain Tea Pitcher

Ru Yao Porcelain Tea Pitcher
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Dehua (德化), Quanzhou, Fujian Province, China




220ml (4.4oz)

Net Weight:



3.1” W x 2.7” H (8cm x 7cm)

Angel's Comment:

The tea pitcher with no handle virtually brings people and teas closer, and besides, this tea pitcher is nice and easy to use.

Ru Yao porcelain, named after it is originated in Ruzhou, is a very precious ceramic, which ranks the first place among Chinese Five Famous Kiln -- Ru, Guan, Ge, Jun, Ding (汝、官、哥、钧、定). The two special characteristics of Ru Yao porcelain are the glaze color and Kai Pian. The glaze color of this pitcher is azure, which just like the color of the sky after raining. In addition, the tiny grains (cracks or “Kai Pian” in Chinese) are not conspicuous for the new pitcher. But with long time use, the tea liquid will gradually penetrate into the cracks, so that we can see these grains clearly. The deeper the grains, the more charming the pitcher will be.

The tea pitcher (Gong Dao Bei) has no handle, so when sharing the tea liquid, we need to use fingers to hold the slightly revolute rim of the pitcher. At this time the heat transfers between the palm and the body of tea pitcher, and then people can closely communicates with tea. Because of the mellow cup body, thick cup wall and finger only holding the top part, all these help us avoid being scalded.

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