Shen Yun Yixing Zisha Teapot

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Shen Yun Yixing Zisha Teapot

Yixing City, Jiangsu Province, China


Zisha, Qing Shui Ni (Brown red color)




5.5” W x 2.3” H (14cm x 6cm)


150ml (5.1oz)


Great for brewing Oolong TeaPu-erh TeaBlack Tea

Angel's Comment:

By changing the style of Liu Fang Teapot, this Shen Yun Yixing Zisha Teapot is more in line with the using habits of modern people.

This is an innovative teapot, following a traditional Liu Fang hexagonal-body style, though it takes on a softer, more rounded overall shape. The body is symmetric between the spout and handle and evenly divided into six sides, with some wavy patterns added to make it look somewhat like a blooming flower; the lid is airtight with the button on top looking like a small nut, adding to the appearance of the pot. The upward curve of the handle permits easier and more delicate control of pouring.

Qing Xin Fanggu Teapot Dimensions


Qing Shui Ni: The ore for this purple clay is a type of mica-rich hematite, often used for drinking mugs in ancient times. Because this clay contains relatively fewer impurities than other raw materials, and because it does not change shape or glaze when firing, it is widely used for crafts. It is mellow and ruddy as well, often earning the name of “red purple clay” or Hong Qing Shui. The clay has a quaint look to it, and after using a teapot made of this material for brewing the same type of tea over and over, the taste of that tea in further sessions will gradually deepen. For these reasons and others, both teapot makers and tea drinkers love this kind of clay.


Yixing County is known as the Pottery Capital of China for its extensive 6500-year history of the craft. The area boasts abundant resources of argil, tea, bamboo, and charcoal, each of which contributes an important base material for the making of pottery. Yixing Zisha products have earned countless prizes both at home in China as well as abroad, with a few exceptional works presented as national gifts during international diplomacy.

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