Black Pottery Ti Liang Teapot Set

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Black Pottery Ti Liang Teapot Set
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Dehua (德化), Quanzhou, Fujian


Coarse Pottery + Black Pottery


1 x Teapot + 2 x Tea cups


Teapot: 230ml

Tea cup: 30ml

Angel's Comment:

The grainy texture gives the tea set a natural beauty and also adds a touch of elegance to the tea ceremony.

Compare with other materials, the coarse pottery has no delicate appearance and bright colors. On the contrary, its simple and plain color as well as the grainy appearance gives the whole ware a quaint and natural characteristic. TeaVivre’s Ti Liang Pot Tea Set is made of coarse pottery and glazed with black pottery. Without any other decorations, it uses the most concise shape to reflect the unique characteristics of ceramic art.


Tea wares made of coarse pottery have relatively large pores on the inner and outer walls. Because of this, when we brew tea with coarse pottery tea ware, it will absorb some of the tea fragrance, therefore, it's more suitable for brewing tea with rich fragrance, such as Tie Guan Yin, Da Hong Pao, black tea or puerh tea.

Its handle is wound with hemp rope, which not only can prevent scalding, but also adds a different charm to the teapot.


Located in Fujian province, Dehua County is the famous porcelain and ceramic origin and an important base for exporting porcelain in China. With over thousand-year history, Dehua porcelain is characterized by its elegant design, excellent craft, hard texture and watery white appearance.

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