Xinhui Aged Chenpi Herbal Tea 2016

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Xinhui Aged Chenpi Herbal Tea 2016

Tianma Village, Xinhui District, Jiangmen City, Guangdong Province, China

Harvest Date:

November, 2016


The peel is intact, the surface is brown and shiny


Rich fragrance of tangerine


Bright and clear yellow


Refreshing and sweet with delighted tangerine flavor




Store in airtight, dry place; If it get wet, we can bask in the sun

Shelf Life:

The aged the better

Angel's Comment:

Core production area, natural sun-dried, the more aging, the more fragrant. This tea has a wide range of uses.

This Chenpi herbal tea is made of the tangerine peels of Xinhui tangerine, after being dried and stored for 5 years, it has no sour and astringent taste of fresh peels. Instead, it has a rich citrus fruit and sweet fragrance. The liquid is sweet and mellow without bitterness or astringency. The brewing of Chenpi is very easy; you can brew it any way you like. It can be brewed or boiled alone, it can also brew with other tea to increase its flavor, like white tea or puerh tea; it can even be used for cooking.


It is well known that tangerines are sweet and delicious, and rich in vitamin C. According to traditional Chinese medicine, the peels are called “Chenpi”.

The source of bitterness in the peels comes from limonoids, represented by lemon glycosides; this kind of limonoid is mild and soluble, and beneficial for digestion. When cooking with tangerine peels, this bitterness mixes and reconciles with other flavors, and as a result produces a special, unique taste.

Note: Fresh tangerine peels contain a lot of volatile oils, which may cause stomach irritation. Fresh peels do not have the same medicinal effects as Chenpi, and as such are not suitable for drinking like this dried Chenpi is.


Xinhui District is the birthplace of Xinhui Chenpi, and is also known as the hometown of Chinese Chenpi. Xinhui has these famous Xinhui tangerine production areas, including: Meijiang, Dongjia, Tianma, and Chakeng. Among them, Tianma Chenpi is very popular. With the subtropical maritime monsoon climate, enough sunshine, abundant rainfall, fertile land, and deep soil, the citrus produced here is sturdy, the citrus flesh is crisp and juicy, the sweetness and sourness are moderate, and the citrus peel is fragrant. Thus the dried Chenpi made by them has a high collection and aging value.

map of xinhui

tea garden

tea garden

tea garden

About herbal tea

Herbal tea refers to any beverage made from the infusion of plant material such as the flower, stem, leaf, or even root, so long as it does not come from the traditional tea plant, Camellia sinensis. These 100% natural ingredients, with no artificial colors or caffeine content, are guaranteed to have good quality; we can say that these attractive herbal teas, rich in nutrients like vitamins B, C, and E, are not only pleasant to look at but also healthy to drink.

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