Clear Glass Ba Fang Gongfu Tea Pitcher

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Clear Glass Ba Fang Gongfu Tea Pitcher

Borosilicate Glass

can bear temperature between: -20℃ to 150℃ (-4ºF to 302ºF)


300ml (water filled)



A tea pitcher is used for sharing tea during a gongfu ceremony. Its main purpose is to hold the tea after brewing so that it retains the same taste when pouring into the guests’ cups, instead of pouring directly from the gaiwan and risking a longer steep. A glass pitcher is a great way to show off the natural color and beauty of the tea liquid.


This tea pitcher has a distinctive design, great glass transparency, and is highly textured. It may be used not only as a fair cup, but tea enthusiasts who like the "grandpa style" can also use it to brew tea directly, allowing them to witness the color of the tea liquid and the stretching of the tea leaves.



Safely Shipping: Glass material is quite fragile leads difficulty in shipping. We at TeaVivre carefully pack our glass items with multiple bubbles wrap and use strength five-layer corrugated cardboard box to ensure the safety of the product in delivery.


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