An Overview of Jingmai Tea Area

Jingmai Mountain is one of the six major tea mountains in China, and it is also one of the oldest tea forests discovered in China so far. According to research, tea cultivation in this area has a history of nearly 2,000 years.

En Shi Yu Lu Green Tea

En Shi Yu Lu Green Tea is the most comprehensive steamed green tea, retaining the steaming technology common throughout the Tang and Song Dynasties.

Various Types of Jasmine Teas from TeaVivre

Learn how to choose the best Jasmine Green Teas for you. Explore craftsmanship and characteristics in jasmine teas: all the things you want to know about different Jasmine teas. The jasmine from different regions exhibits distinct characteristics.

What Is Darjeeling Black Tea?

The renowned Darjeeling black tea, considered one of the “world’s three famous teas” in India, has a delightful and velvety flavor. It is often compared to champagne for its unique and elegant aroma of black tea.

An Introduction to Teapot Shapes Ⅲ

A teapot is a vessel with a spout used for steeping and pouring tea. A teapot usually has an opening with a lid at the top where the dry tea and hot water are added, a handle for holding by hand, and a spout through which the tea is served. Teapots come in various sizes, patterns, and materials, such as ceramic, porcelain, glass, Yixing zisha clay, Yunnan Jianshui Zitao or stainless steel… When choosing a suitable teapot, in addition to considering the clay, the teapot’s shape is also very important.

Porcelain Teapot – A Type of Ceramic Teapot

Porcelain tea sets and pottery tea sets are the two categories of Ceramic tea sets. Porcelain tea set like the Porcelain teapot and gaiwan are popular choice to brew teas. They do not retain flavors from previous infusions and they are easy to clean.

Tea Etiquette

Imagine we invited someones for tea or we’ve been invited out for tea, what do we wear? what do we need to prepare?Enjoy our tea time by following these simple afternoon tea etiquette rules.

Should tea be stored in the refrigerator?

Friends who enjoy tea will undoubtedly be concerned about one question: how to keep my favorite tea leaves so as to preserve their quality and aroma. As we all know, tea should be kept in a dry, odor-free place away from direct sunlight. But, for certain teas, we may see that dealers advocate storing them in the refrigerator. Why is this case?

What is Fan Qing in Rock Tea?

When drinking the same tea at different times, the aroma and taste are suddenly different from the day you purchased it after a few months, and it also produces an astringent taste. This is very likely that the tea you drink got Fan Qing (返青).

Meng Ding Gan Lu vs Bi Luo Chun

Everyone has heard of Bi Luo Chun and Meng Ding Gan Lu when it comes to green tea. They all have a curly, hairy look and have been named one of China’s top ten famous teas. So how do we distinguish between them?