The Four Sub-categories of Green Tea

According to the fixation process, green tea can be divided into 4 subcategories: steamed, pan-fried, baked-dried, and sun-dried. Let’s have a quick look at the different processing styles that define the quality of a wonderful cup of green tea.

A Brief Introduction to Four Famous Types of Potteries in China

The invention and development of Chinese potteries are an important part of the history of Chinese civilization. Famed for the exquisite and intricacy, and named after the cities they are mainly sourced from, the Chinese four famous types of potteries are Yixing Zisha pottery in Jiangsu, Jianshui Wucai pottery in Yunnan, Qinzhou Nixing pottery in Guangxi and Rongchang pottery in Chongqing.

Yerba Mate Tea — the Past and the Present

Yerba Mate tea is a very famous tea drink in Argentina, and it is also known as the “four treasures of South America” with football, tango, and barbecue. In Argentina, Yerba Mate tea is well-known. Next, let’s walk through the past and the present, to appreciate the magic of this drink.

Pairing Tea with Mooncake to greeting Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival

In the Mid-Autumn Night, the Elegant tea fragrance in this elegant moonlight timely added poetry and interest. There is both the history of the Mid-Autumn Festival and the history of drinking tea. The function of helping digestion and relieving heavy grease is exactly what people nowadays need. Thus drinking tea in the Mid-Autumn is both elegant and healthy.

How to raise Jian Zhan

Jian Zhan or Jian Ware, is a type of Chinese black porcelain originally made in Jianyang, Fujian province. This article will help you know more information about how to raise Jian Zhan.

What Factors Cause an Infusion-enduring Tea?

Whether a tea can make multiple infusions is often one of the factors we evaluate a tea’s quality, but it is not an absolute factor. Different types of tea have different features, so there are actually many factors can decide whether a tea is infusion-enduring. Known about these factors can help us to estimate how many steeps a tea can be brewed.

Tea and Bamboo

Tea and Bamboo are the media for people to communicate with nature. Bamboo is a renewable resource, which can be used to make Bamboo tube tea or bamboo tea set.

How to Judge Whether Tea Has Expired

Tea has a shelf life, but it is related to the variety of tea. Different teas have different shelf life. Drinking tea is good for our health, but drinking expired tea will do harm to our health. So how to judge whether tea has expired and what are the magical functions of the expired tea? Let’s see it together!