Pin Ming Bamboo Tea Tray

Ming Jing Bamboo Tea Tray
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Pin Ming Bamboo Tea Tray
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Zhenghe, Nanping, Fujian


Zhong Zhu (reconstituted bamboo)


Medium size: 16.5” L x 11.2" W x 2.6'' H (42cm x 28.5cm x 6.5cm)

Small size: 13.6” L x 9.8" W x 2.4'' H (34.5cm x 25cm x 6cm)


All tea trays will go through the spray paint process. The brand new tea tray may have some odors. This is a normal phenomenon. The smell will gradually disappear after a few days ventilation.

Angel's Comment:

Classic style, exquisite workmanship, very practical for serving your gongfu tea ceremony.

TeaVivre’s bamboo tea tray is made of Zhong Zhu material. The texture of the whole tea tray is clear, and the surface is smooth and flat. The hollow design on the surface of the tea tray facilitates the drainage of excess tea liquid and keeps it tidy. The tea tray adopts a pull-out water storage tray design, which is lighter and easier to clean.


The water storage tray has a piston, which can be blocked and used to store water directly; it also has a water pipe that can be directly connected to the waste water bucket. Please note: only the medium and large size tea tray has this design.

water pipe


Zhong Zhu (重竹), commonly known as reconstituted bamboo, is a novel substance that reorganizes and strengthens bamboos. The density of Zhong Zhu material is relatively high, approximately 1.5 times that of bamboo before processing. It has a natural wood-like texture and a high toughness, and it will not rot after soaking for a long period, nor will it split or distort with prolonged sun exposure. It is a substance that is ecologically friendly, green, and long-lasting.

Conservation Tips for Bamboo Tea Tray:

To maintain the quality of your bamboo tray, make sure to keep it from sunlight, keep it ventilated, and make sure it stays moisturized. If you know you will not be using it for a while, make sure it is cleaned and dried before being put in a place away from sunlight.

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