Bamboo Vase Cha Dao Set Tea Utensil 6 Pieces

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Bamboo Vase Cha Dao Set Tea Utensil 6 Pieces
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Zhenghe County, Fujian Province, China


Phyllostachys edulis (Nan Zhu)


Tea Vase x1 + Tea Scoop x 1 + Tea Digger Spoon x 1 + Tea Funnel x 1 + Tea Tweezer x1 + Tea Pin x 1

Angel's Comment:

Made of Nan Zhu, this Vase Cha Dao Set Tea Utensil 6 Pieces, with simple and clear shape, is very economical and durable.

A Cha Dao utensil set not only contains the most essential tools for a gongfu tea ceremony, but also provides an element of decoration and embellishment: it is both a practical tool for brewing tea as well as an embodiment of tea as an art. Using natural Phyllostachys edulis, Chinese bamboo, as the raw material, TeaVivre’s Cha Dao utensil set is made through traditional craftsmanship, preserving the unique natural texture of the bamboo: the simple shape and appearance link the tea drinkers to nature. After using this set, make sure to dry it well to prevent the growth and spread of mold and bacteria.


Because of the natural properties of bamboo, there may be some nodes, spots, or rough patches on the surfaces of this set.


Tea Vase, 茶筒 (Cha Tong): This holds the different utensils such as the tea tweezer, pin, funnel, spoon, and scoop.


Tea Scoop, 茶则 (Cha Ze): Used for moving dry leaves from a tea bag or tin into the brewing vessel.


Tea Spoon, 茶匙 (Cha Shi): Used to transfer tea leaves from the tea holder to the brewing vessel.


Tea Funnel, 茶漏 (Cha Lou): A cylindrical funnel used to direct the flow of tea into the teapot, and to help prevent the tea from overflowing.


Tea Tweezer, 茶夹 (Cha Jia): Used to pick up the tea cup to prevent scalding, or to remove the tea leaves from the brewing vessel.


Tea Pin, 茶针 (Cha Zhen): Used to clear out small bits of leaves from the filter holes within teapots.

Cha Dao Set Dimensions


Phyllostachys edulis, also known in Chinese as Nanzhu (楠竹), is a quality material with a high economic value. It grows mainly in Yingbing City, Sichuan, Hunana, and Fujian province, and is spread throughout the 400-600m hill regions of small mountains. Nanzhu is tough yet flexible, and as such is often used in construction, furniture, and other daily necessities. Tea trays made from Nanzhu are durable and environmentally friendly.

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