Bluestone Glazed Kuai Ke Bei Travel Tea Set

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Bluestone Glazed Kuai Ke Bei Travel Tea Set

Dehua (德化), Quanzhou, Fujian




Teapot: 160ml (6.7oz)

Tea cup: 20ml (1.6oz)


Teapot x1, Tea cups x3, Tea towel x1, Storage bag x1

Angel's Comment:

The overall design is simple, convenient and practical. We can drink our favorite tea anytime and anywhere with it.

Since we launched the Bluestone Glazed Ceramic Tea Mug, it has been loved by many tea lovers, so we have chosen a travel tea set of the same material for you. Without the big and heavy storage box, this travel tea set adopts a detachable handle design, and the size of the tea cups can also be perfectly stacked in the teapot, so that the volume of the packaged tea set is smaller, which is more convenient for us to carry around. It contains three tea cups and a side-handle teapot with infuser, a shockproof and pressure-resistant storage bag as well as a tea towel, which can basically meet the needs of tea-brewing in any scene.



Located in Fujian province, Dehua County is the famous porcelain and ceramic origin and an important base for exporting porcelain in China. With over thousand-year history, Dehua porcelain is characterized by its elegant design, excellent craft, hard texture and watery white appearance.

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