Handwritten Calligraphy Tea Cup

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Handwritten Calligraphy Tea Cup
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Chaozhou, Guangdong Province, China






35ml /1.2oz


2.8 inches (7cm)


0.9 inch (2.4cm)

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Angel's Comment:

This handwritten calligraphy tea cup with unique rim design of applying transmutation glaze technique.

The tea cup is made of white porcelain and features a brown band (transmutation glaze) around the rim that leads elegance and beauty. The white, smooth surface with brown rim is beautiful to look at and easy to clean. The four Chinese characters (“静”,“禅”,“悟”,“道”) at the bottom of each cup in graceful style handwritten separately by Chinese calligrapher collectively embody the decorative expression of the “peaceful inner world” – a kind of calm, subtle and introverted Chinese cultural implication. All of them are of high appreciation and collection value.


Meanings of Characters
jing tea cup
静 [jìng] : Quiet, tranquil, peaceful feeling to the universal things exists both in psychology and physiology.
chan tea cup
禅 [chán] : the highest level of aesthetic appreciation which is free from physical world and also breaks away from the shackle of all feelings and thought.
wu tea cup
悟 [wù] : Perception power of understanding to life and world.
dao tea cup
道 [dào] : Doctrine; body of moral teachings, the Way of Nature.
Furnace Transmutation

The occurrence of 窑变 "furnace transmutation" is probably simply an accidental event in the ceramic manufacturing process, and also probably the result of some unpredictable and uncontrolled color changes happened on porcelain surface caused by temperature variations inside the kiln. No wonder people say one original glazing color can create many unpredictable beautiful colors, which manifest the secret of ancient oriental ceramic art.


Chaozhou, the coastal city of Guangdong province, is one of the birthplaces of Chinese ceramic culture. The earliest ceramic and porcelain making activity here can be traced back to 1,300 years ago, after years of development it now becomes the largest ceramic-producing areas in China and has been rewarded the title of “ceramics capital of China” in April, 2014. In addition, Chaozhou is also rich in Oolong teas, of which Phoenix Dan Cong is the most famous oolong tea.

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